Action de santé communautaire avec les personnes prostituées à Lyon.

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Since 1993 Cabiria has been developing a community health program in collaboration with prostitutes. We work on preventing STDs, HIV, hepatitis and drug addiction (through risk reduction), and also on gaining access to health services and fundamental rights. Through our actions, we contribute to the fight against exclusion.

In Lyon and the department, we are present in the areas where prostitution takes place during the day, (3 days a week, from 2PM until 8 PM) and the night, (3 nights a week from 9PM until 4 AM, with a camping trailer). Our work with prostitutes totals 33 hours a week on the streets and 24 hours a week in our offices. We also offer two meals a week from 6 PM until 9PM.

Cabiria promotes and develops community health projects that respect the rights of children, women and men. Cabiria works jointly with comparable associations that have the same goals in the prostitution areas on a national, European and international level.